Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fate (My Blood Approves 2)

Fate (My Blood Approves 2)
By:  Amanda Hocking
ISBN:  978-1453816868
Available Format:  Paperback and ebook

My rating:  ★★★

In Fate, the second book of Amanda Hocking’s My Blood Approves series, Alice Bonham is finally settling into a balance between the supernatural and natural of her life.  She manages to keep her brother, Milo, involved in her life while building a stronger relationship with her new vampire friends.  Jack, her maybe-boyfriend, is definitely struggling with his feelings for Alice.  Peter has disappeared, and Alice doesn’t have a clue what is going on between them.  She’s not really sure whether she wants to be with him at all.  Overshadowing everything else, tragedy suddenly strikes, and Alice is faced with a decision that will change every single life around her forever—certainly her own.

This book is much more Hocking’s story than the first of the series.  I also found myself far more interested in the plot this time.  The conflict between Jack and Peter is steadily rising since Peter almost killed Alice at the end of My Blood Approves, and Jack is realizing just how strongly he feels for her.  Peter, however, is conveniently missing, so that gives Alice and Jack plenty of room to explore their evolving feelings for each other.  The reader is able to have a better understanding of the attraction between the two while the threat of her blood bond with Peter is not completely consuming their attention.  It is there, lurking in the background, but less important as the story progresses.

Although Peter is absent for most of this book, I cannot help but be drawn to him rather than Jack.  I think it might be a complex I have—I always seem to prefer the guy that the girl just isn’t going to choose!  Perhaps in this case, it is just that Jack seems so juvenile and superficial at times, while Peter is darker, deeper, and more mature.  Still, I think I will never understand how these vampires who are hundreds of years old and have seen things in their lifetimes that most others cannot imagine can even be remotely interested in a silly teenage girl.  Maybe that is just a guy thing?!?

We find Alice much more alienated in this book as well.  Certain events seem to take not only all the attention off of her, but also pretty much everyone in her life is utterly separated from her.  I feel like the emotional content in this read is stronger than the first book.  I was also pleased that Milo became a more important character in Fate, since I think he is probably my most favorite character in the series. 

The only complaint I really had about this book is the editing.   The grammar and mechanical mistakes were a huge distraction at times.  I am more forgiving of Hocking, however, because I knew she is self-published.  She is a wonderful writer, and I know from reading some of her other work that she continues to improve after this series.  This was another great escape for me and definitely kept me interested in the series.  I recommend it for anyone who has a true love for YA paranormal romance!