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Feature: Excerpt of A Fall of Water (Elemental Mysteries #4) by Elizabeth Hunter

Finally Friday again, folks!  This has been a busy week of work for me, and it looks like a busy weekend of work is in the forecast, but that's okay. I love my job! Part of that job is getting to meet and work with amazing authors, like our guest today!! :-)

Today, as part of her Fall of Water blog tour, Elizabeth Hunter has stopped by to give us a little peek into her latest novel A Fall of Water (Elemental Mysteries #4).

I posted my review of A Fall of Water yesterday.  Be sure to go check that out HERE.

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So, let's get to the fun stuff!  Enjoy!

Thank you for reading this excerpt from Chapter Two of A Fall of Water: Elemental Mysteries Book Four. 

Throughout the series, Livia has been a mysterious presence in the background: an information source, an ally, and even possibly, a threat. An ancient Roman noblewoman, she has a special relationship with Giovanni Vecchio, along with a history that will become more clear in the fourth book. She is a vampire of extravagant wealth and power, and one of the leading immortals in Europe. But why has she called Gio and B to Rome? And what, exactly, is she going to think about the woman that Giovanni has married?
“What is on your agenda tonight?” [Giovanni] asked as he dressed in his uniform of black slacks and a dress shirt.  Beatrice lounged in the bath, enjoying the calm of the water before she left their room.
“I’ve got some translation to do on the journals.  I already helped Ben with his homework today, but I’ll drive him to Tenzin’s later tonight and practice for a while.”
“I wanted to talk to you about that.  I asked Ernesto to call Baojia back from San Diego.”
Beatrice raised her eyebrow.  “Oh, really?  Did Grandpa decide to let him out of time-out?”
Giovanni grimaced.  “I asked Ernesto to bring him back so he could continue your training.  I spoke to Baojia last week and he wanted to know how your weapons were progressing.  He says Tenzin is not a good enough teacher.”
She smiled.  “It’s going fine, though I’m always grateful for help.  I was talking about it with Tenzin the other night.  She says I’m more than proficient with the dao, and I’m fine with the jian.  I never really liked using a jian much, to be honest, so I’m not too concerned—”
“Baojia says you’re ready for the shuang guo.”
Her eyes lit up.  “The hook-swords?”
He smirked and walked over for a quick kiss.  “Glad you agree.  I’ll probably be in the library most of the night.  I want to go over some of my uncle’s correspondence before we leave for Rome.”
“This trip is going to be safe, right?  I know you want to bring Ben, but it’s not worth it if you think there’s any danger of—”
“Nothing we can’t handle, Tesoro.” He leaned against the edge of the counter.  “We’ll see Livia, and I’ll introduce you to her people.  We’ll play nice for a week or so, and then she’ll lose interest.  That’s what she always does.  She’s always after the shiny new toy.  Right now, she’s curious, that’s all.  Honestly, I should have taken you to see her right after we got married, but we had a bit on the schedule.”
“So no reason to worry?”
“No,” he frowned.  “Are you worried?”
Beatrice shrugged.  “Well, she’s the closest thing I have to a mother-in-law.  From all reports, she’s also an incredibly beautiful, two thousand year old, Roman noblewoman.  And she is, according to you, one of the most powerful vampires in Europe. Nope, nothing intimidating about that at all.”
Giovanni bent down, ignoring the water that soaked his knees.  “Nothing to worry about.  She’ll love you.”
“Yeah?”  She couldn’t hide the skepticism in her voice.
He grabbed her chin and laid a hard kiss on her mouth.  “Since when is my woman afraid?”  
Her eyes narrowed.  “I’m not afraid.”
“Good.”  He stood and straightened his collar.  “You’ll love Rome.  And since Kirby and Desiree can come along with Benjamin, we’ll all have a grand time. Tenzin will...she’ll put up with it for your sake.  Try to persuade her not to kill anyone.”
Thanks again for stopping by the tour! And please check out A Fall of Water: Elemental Mysteries Book Four to find out if Beatrice has anything to worry about in Rome or if everything will go according to Gio's careful plan. Everyone’s favorite characters are back and working together in the final book of the Elemental Mysteries.

Thanks so much, Elizabeth!!  

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