Monday, August 20, 2012

Colorful Kisses

Colorful Kisses
Written and Illustrated by: Melissa Fusarelli
ISBN: 978098277396
Published February 11, 2012 by Perfected Pen
Available Format: Paperback

My Rating: ★★★★★

My daughter was so excited when we received this book in the mail today. (I think she might just be a book lover like her mommy J.) We immediately sat down to read it together.

The smooth, rhyming text is great for early readers, but it wasn't so simple that it became boring or cliché. What really tells the story is the beautiful artwork. Bright, colorful illustrations take the reader on a journey through the associations of color with emotions.

I think this is a fantastic teaching tool on a few different levels. First, the early reader is introduced to some stimulating text. The opening line—"The smiling sun delivers dawn with a kiss."—is just a sample of the creative phrasing. In addition, inspired artwork graces every page from top to bottom. The eyes are stimulated, but not overwhelmingly so. While given an extra opportunity to learn the different colors, children are also introduced to the ways different colors are associated with different emotions or behaviors. From a psychological standpoint, I love this the most. How amazing if our kids could express themselves through the use of color and art, in addition to using their words in proper ways.

This is a wonderful book for all ages. I encourage you to get a copy to enjoy and use it as a platform for furth