Monday, May 16, 2011

Free ebook: Stick Dog Wants a Hamburger

Stick Dog Wants a Hamburger
By:  Tom Watson

Stick Dog and his four friends - Stripes, Mutt, Poo-Poo and Karen - will do anything to steal some sweet-smelling hamburgers from a family at Picasso Park. Their plans to do so are both devious and wacky. Illustrated with bold pastels, this story breaks the conventions of the traditional picture book: The narrative is conversational, the illustrations are loud and accessible and the story is longer (about 6,000 words) and aimed at slightly older readers of seven and up. Parents who read aloud will enjoy the story - and the laughs. Priced low so more people can discover Stick Dog and his buddies.

Head over HERE to snag this cute one for the kids!!!