Saturday, May 28, 2011


Directed by: Carlos Saldanha
Released April 15, 2011 by Blue Sky Studios
Rated PG for mild off color humor

Taken from his native home when he is just a nestling, Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) the cerulean macaw finds a slightly over-indulgent home in small-town Minnesota with Linda (Leslie Mann).  When a scientist and bird lover from Brazil (Rodrigo Santoro) steps into Linda’s little book shop, Blu’s life is about to change in more ways than he expects.  He and Linda are convinced to make a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil so Blu can mate with the only other known blue Macaw in the world, Jewel (Anne Hathaway), and insure the continuance of the species.  Because Blu is just about as geeky as he can be coupled with his lack of flying skills, Jewel is less than thrilled about her prospective mate.  Things take a worrisome turn when the new lovebirds are suddenly bird-napped and offered in an illegal international transaction.  Meeting a surplus of kooky and literally colorful characters along the way, Blu and Jewel must somehow find their way back home and perhaps even to each other.

I decided while I had a little time with just my boys, we would hit the drive-in tonight.  Rio was playing, and I had plenty of things along to distract me in case it wasn’t any good—my Kindle, nail polish, etc.  I am happy to report that I didn’t need any of it! 

Full of vibrant color and music, Rio is sure to entertain.  From the traditional Samba music to Will i Am and Jamie Foxx, Rio is packed with a fun and lively soundtrack.  The opening scene itself makes you want to shake your tail feather.  The Carnival scenes popped right off the screen with flashing lights, energetic feathered dancers, and hip-shaking tunes.  I even found a few opportunities to teach my six-year-old a little something: ornithology is the study of birds, and the Cristo Redentor is a real statue in Rio de Janeiro, for instance. Beneath it all, however, there is the essential message that if you truly believe it in your heart, you can make all your dreams come true. 

After watching this charming and exciting flick, I definitely have “Atenda ao Carnaval” on my to-do list right under “Buy Rio when it is available on BluRay”!!!

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