Monday, June 13, 2011

Slow Turning: A Collection of Poetry and Songs for Adults who were Sexually Abused as Children

Slow Turning: A Collection of Songs and Poetry for Adults who were Sexually Abused as Children
By: William D. Monroe Jr.
ISBN: 9781453774830
Published April 7, 2011
Available Format:  Paperback

My Rating: ★★★★☆

In Slow Turning, William Monroe takes us on a very personal journey of his transformation from victim to survivor—self-discovery and freedom.  Enduring a childhood with a pedophile parent, it took Monroe years to work through the consequences of this tragic, unfortunate circumstance.  His beautiful poetry accompanied by short explanations or insights related to each poem or song was absolutely poignant and remarkable. 

This is the first book of poetry I have reviewed.  The author dedicates his book to adults who suffered sexual abuse as children, particularly those with pedophile parents like himself.  Some of the poetry is angry, some is sad, some is joyful, some is romantic…  All of it comes straight from Monroe’s heart, and the reader can feel that.  He really gives some wonderful interpretations and advice with the poems that will be undeniably encouraging and healing for other victims. 

I was especially touched by the changes he went through when he had a child of his own.  Obviously, as a mother, I am going to relate with the complete sense of love and selflessness that parents feel toward their children.  I can just imagine how difficult and horribly bewildering it would be if you had grown up with a parent that was anything but loving and selfless. 

This is a wonderful book of poetry with a positive and therapeutic message.  It certainly could reach beyond the margins of sexual abuse by parents.  As an aspiring counselor, I think this will be very beneficial to me now and in the future.  I certainly encourage everyone to get a copy and support this wonderful author as he reaches out to others who are drowning in their painful past. 

“William’s Leap”
by William D. Monroe Jr.

As I stand, I see you,
Open Wings that are true.

As I leap, I become,
More myself, more than one.

As we fly through the air,
We will smile, we will dare.

As we lift toward the sun.
More than one, we’ve become.