Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JournalJabber Recap - October 4, 2011

Another week, another fantastic JournalJabber show!  I didn't even get to call in tonight because my children were less than cooperative (well, that's nothing new, but time really got away from me this evening...).  I guess it's a good thing the listeners barely get to hear my voice anyway! :-)

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Tonight's guest was the lovely and talented Regina Wamba, owner of and artist for Mae I Design and Photography.  I am always so jealous of these amazing photographers and graphic designers, and Regina's work is definitely something to be jealous of!

You can check out samples of her work here:

You can also stalk Regina on Twitter at: @reginawamba

The Kid Fairy:  http://thekidfairy.com/

Regina participated in our Three Facts game this week.  The first person to email Amy with the correct fact wins either 50% off a book cover art design OR 50% off a personal photo manipulation.   
(The fine print:  The cover art design cost does NOT include fees for stock photo.  The personal photo provided for manipulation has to be a photo that YOU own--aboslutely nothing copyrighted by another photographer.)

Regina's Three Facts:

1.  I met Denzel Washington in NYC
2.  I have a passport
3.  I was married at age 18

The first correct response to amy@journalstone.com wins!

Our Lovecraft Trivia contest is still running.  You have one more week to get your answers in for an entry.  The winner will recieved a signed copy of That Which Should Not Be from our favorite Alabama fan, Mr. Brett J. Talley...AND a $25 Amazon gift card!  How awesome is that??

The Lovecraft Trivia questions are:

1.  What is written on Lovecraft's tombstone?

2.  In the HP Lovecraft Historical Society's newly released film, The Whisperer in the Darkness, from what planet do the "living fungi" originate?

3.  Complete this quote, "'The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is __________."

Also, if you want to get more creative with your submission--take a photo visiting Lovecraft's grave perhaps?!?!?--you can earn EXTRA entries!!!

Get those answers in to Amy at amy@journalstone.com before it's too late!

Also on our contest list is the HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST!!!  I am so excited about this one!  I can't wait to see all the great costumes!  

Send a picture of you, your kids, your dog, your mom, your next door neighbor, or even that creepy old guy at the grocery store...dressed up in spooktastic Halloween gear.  We'll be putting our favorites up on the JournalJabber website and the banner for the show on Blog Talk for our special Halloween show, October 25, 2011.    

I'll tell ya, something we are certainly not short on over at JournalJabber is FUN!  

On next week's show (October 11, 2011), our special guest will be Angela Yuriko Smith, author of No Money Marketing:  All You Need Is Like and End of Mae.  Angela is in the know about how to get your name and your product out there for, well, nothing!  And, she is a super talented writer of both fiction and nonfiction...  You definitely don't want to miss hanging out with her!

Tune in, Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 9PM EST!!!

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