Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Feature: Wolf Song by Frank W. Smith

Wow, this is a busy week.  I bet you guys are surprised to see so many new posts from me! :-)  

Today begins my feature with a great guy, Frank Smith, who is the author of Wolf Song, book one of a trilogy.  Frank will be stopping by tomorrow for a little Q&A and we'll be giving away a couple ecopies of his novel, which will be released later this week!!

Be sure to stop by for that, and today, enjoy my review...

Wolf Song (Wolf Song Trilogy #1)
by Frank W. Smith
AISN: B007x6SM9K
Expected Publication: May 11, 2012
Available Format: ebook, paperback

My Rating:  ★★★★★

Goodreads' Synopsis:  Would you stop a cold-blooded murder if you could? What if it put your life in danger?

These are the questions that Jon finds himself suddenly forced to answer. In the brief seconds where he is forced into action, he will learn another hard lesson.
One decision may save a life, but a single death can start a war.

The vampires and werewolves have lived in a strained co-existence with one another for centuries. They have their territories. They know their boundaries. All this comes to an abrupt end when one reckless vampire ignores the rules that have been followed for ages.

No one, not even Jon, could guess the carnage that would follow his decision to save an innocent man and end the vampire’s life. The world is thrown into chaos. This murder catches the attention of the All-Father, and Jon’s clan is being held responsible. The body count is rising, and the werewolves are on the losing end.

It falls to Jon and a surprising set of allies to try to hold back the raging fury the All-Father has unleashed against them. The End of Days is approaching, but can a werewolf and his small group of unknown heroes find it in themselves to summon their courage and fight to the death to save the earth from the shadows?

Need to get your vampire vs. werewolf fix?  Immerse yourself in the world of Wolf Song.  These aren’t your sparkly vamps and cuddly werewolves (not that I have any issues with those).  The vampires are mean and ugly and their werewolf counterparts are badass with a side of bravery and integrity.  This world is dark and gritty and full of action and blood and urban paranormal drama. 

All throughout the book, I was wrapped up in the lives of the characters—the pain and sadness and even mysterious qualities of the world they live in.  This is a great book for the guys, while the ladies can certainly find something to appreciate as well.  The pacing of the story is great with relatable characters and an intriguing environment.

Really, the synopsis says it all!  This is a fantastic start to the trilogy and I cannot wait to get my hands on book two!