Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Giveaway by a Fellow Blogger...

A fellow blogger is hosting a giveaway for a $10 B&N Gift Card!  All you have to do is 'like' her Facebook page!  Please let her know Gathering Leaves referred you...

If you haven't already 'liked' MY Facebook page, please do!!! ;-)


Get a Friend to “Like” Nerd Light Books and Could Win a $10 Barnes and Noble Gift Card!

                One year ago I created Nerd Light Books and published my first book review.  Since that time I have written over 40 reviews!  I’m growing both as a reader and a writer.  And I am so incredibly grateful to have an audience with whom I can share my passion for literature.
                To celebrate Nerd Light’s first birthday I am having a raffle for new “fans” and the people who refer them.  Right now most of the people who have “liked” Nerd Light’s Facebook page are people that I know.  I’d love to branch out and interact with more readers. 
                Help me out on my quest for new fans, and you will be entered in the raffle for a $10 Barnes and Noble Gift Card
There are two ways to enter:
                1. If you have not already “liked”, go there, click “like”, and PRESTO!  You are entered in the raffle!
                2. If you have already “liked”, then suggest the page to a friend who loves reading.  If they “like” the page, VOILA!  You are entered in the raffle!  Of course you or your friend will need to let me know you were the one that referred them.   Have your friend post on my wall, “Hi! My friend _______ suggested your page to me!  Can’t wait to talk about some great books!” (or something like that).  Or you can just send me an email and say, “Hey!  You know ______, that just liked your page?  I suggested the page to him/her!”  Your friend will be entered in the raffle too for being a new fan.
                Suggest the page to as many readers as you want!  The more people I can reach, the more grateful I’ll be!  You can even cut and paste this note and send it to your reader friends.
                Here’s the fine print:  The maximum number of times any one person will be entered in the raffle is five.  Only fans that are listed as people who “like” on August 1, 2011 will be eligible to win.  (People who “unlike” the page before then will not be eligible to win.)