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Sea Lion Press Release: The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: The Thing Beneath the Bed by Patrick Rothfuss

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From Bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss...

The Adventures of The Princess and Mr. Whiffle

Dark, macabre, humorous! This isn't your children's faerie tale!

From New York Times bestselling Author of the Kingkiller Chronicles, Patrick Rothfuss comes the dark picture-book...

The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: The Thing Beneath the Bed

ATLANTA, GA January 11, 2012 - Sea Lion Books is proud to announce they
will be republishing the critically acclaimed Patrick Rothfuss picture-book
The Thing Beneath the Bed.

Don't let the sweet cover and sugary title fool you, this is NOT a
children's book. From the mad mind of New York Times bestselling author
Patrick Rothfuss comes a dark tale not for the faint of heart. A story
evoking memories of good old-fashioned faerie tales, the main characters are
the cute little girl princess and her outwardly adorable teddy bear, Mr.

The world seems wonderful and good for the duo, except for the monster lurking beneath the bed.

THE ADVENTURES OF THE PRINCESS AND MR. WHIFFLE is an odd mix of dark classic
storytelling, new age terror, and a macabre sense of wicked humor that leave
the reader with three possible endings, each one being darker than the last,
letting the reader decide how far they dare to go.

The final ending just might keep your teddy bear awake tonight, or at least
start a stuffed animal rebellion. The reprint will include original bonus
material and a Q&A with author Patrick Rothfuss.

"Sea Lion Books is very excited to be able to republish this amazing story
that is destined to be a classic modern faerie tale," said Derek Ruiz,
Executive Vice President and Publisher of Sea Lion Books.

will be released as a soft cover title in July 2012 and will retail for
$14.99, ISBN 978-0-9836131-5-2

About The Author:

Patrick Rothfuss had the good fortune to be born in Wisconsin where long
winters and lack of cable television brought about a love of reading and
writing. Patrick had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, and changed
his major to Undeclared despite the fact that he had been in college for
over three years. After nine years as an undergraduate, Pat was forced by
university policy to finally complete his undergraduate degree.... in
English. After two excruciating years of grad school, Pat returned to teach
at the University he had grown to love as a student. Pat continues to live
in central Wisconsin. He still lacks cable television, and the long winters
force him to stay inside and write. The long winters inspired his NYT
bestseller, The Killkinger Chronicles, Name of the Wind, and Wise Man's
Fear. You can learn more about Patrick at his website:

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