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Aftershock Blog Tour: Author Interview with S Ravynheart and SERIES GIVEAWAY!

Hey y'all!  I have another special treat for you on this terrific Tuesday :-)!  S. Ravynheart, co-author of the Rise of the Unseelie series is here today to answer some of my questions as part of the Aftershock Blog Tour.

Ravynheart and Archer are no strangers to Gathering Leaves.  You can find my interview with Archer from the Cursed Blog Tour HERE and a special blog hop for the End of the World Blog Tour HERE
Now, on to the fun stuff...  Don't forget to enter to win the complete Rise of the Unseelie series after the interview!

Author Interview
S. Ravynheart
Rise of the Unseelie Series

GL:  Please tell us a bit about yourself.

SR:  There isn’t a whole lot to tell about myself really. I’m a fairly new author, although from the way I have role-played, mostly in chat rooms, I have been told numerous times that I should be writing stories. I finally decided to go for it when Archer told me his plan to write and invited me to co-create The Sidhe line together.

GL:  Now, tell us a little about the Rise of the Unseelie Series.

SR:  Rise of the Unseelie is about the major conflict going on in the urban fantasy world we have created. This series is one of three companion series with interweaving story lines. The Rise of the Unseelie focuses on the Unseelie point of view. It starts off following Donovan as his world is literally ripped apart. In the aftermath of the disaster, he discovers that there is an entire new generation of Sidhe who have been raised in the earth realm who have no training and no idea what it even means to be Sidhe. These young earthborns are being hunted down by vampires, wizards and unscrupulous races of fey who want to steal their blood and magic. Donovan is determined to rebuild his race, starting with these inexperienced and abused earthborns.

GL:  Can you give us a little Sidhe/Fey/Seelie/Unseelie/etc. 101 lesson?  Just some short definitions/characteristics that can help some of us keep them straight. :-)

SR:  The term ‘fey’ refers all of those who are descended from the first realm of fey, which was lost over ten thousand years ago. All of these races are part magical and part physical. So ‘the fey’ encompasses many fantasy races, including the Sidhe, other races of elves, fairies, Changelings, goblins, pixies and dwarves, just to name a few. The Sidhe is the ruling class of fey and possess far more magic than any of the others. All other races of fey are considered 'lesser fey’ by comparison. Among the Sidhe there are two groups, Seelie and Unseelie. While the Seelie are referred to as the light court and the Unseelie as the dark court, this should not be confused with their morality. Being of one court or the other does not make one inherently ’good’ or ’evil’. If the Sidhe were to attend a modern day high school, the Seelie would be the preppy kids doing everything they can to appear smart, clean-cut and perfect,  while the Unseelie would be the ones with ripped jeans, rock music blasting on their MP3 players and the ‘I don’t care what you think of me’ attitudes.

GL:  I love that comparison!

GL:  I already know Donovan is your character.  Tell us about him and how you are alike.

SR:  Yes, Donovan is “me”, in many aspects. Like just about everyone, I have had life throw things at me that knocked me off my feet. Donovan is the side of me that dealt with those situations. Getting back up, dusting myself off, and going on about my way, becoming more determined to finish what I had started.

GL:  Does Donovan have a better love life than Lugh?

SR:  Love? *chuckles* The Sidhe rarely fall in love. Now sex life, mmmm well, you’ll have to read the stories to find out the answer to that one.

GL:  *raises eyebrow with evil grin* 

GL:  Is there a character that you just really dislike (but is probably essential to the storyline)?

SR:  There are a couple actually, although neither of them appear in Rise of the Unseelie. They both only make brief appearances, but they are essential to the stories that they are in. Rico, from the Touched series, and Manannan, from the Champion of the Sidhe prequel. They both don’t care about who they hurt to get what they want.

GL:  Do you prefer the fantasy world or life in the human world?

SR:  Hahaha Fantasy! Definitely! In the fantasy world I don’t have to work. Money is never an issue. There are always cool adventures to take part in, or at least tag along and watch. Plenty of reasons to prefer the fantasy world over the real one.

GL:  If I were one of the earthborn fey, what are the most important lessons you would teach me?

SR:  The first thing you need to understand is that Donovan is the only thing between you and a very nasty death. Respect that. Stick with him, learn to use your magic to the best of your abilities, and you’ll discover for yourself just what it means to be Sidhe. What it means to be the pinnacle of magic personified. When you are ready, you will learn to stand with Donovan as a defender against all those who would prey upon the fey.

GL: I doubt I'd have much trouble sticking with Donovan :-)...

GL:  How is it working with Archer to create this world? 

SR:  Absolutely wonderful! Every time we go out to lunch together, or just hang out, we talk about what should happen next in the stories. We have so much fun that we always end up grinning and laughing like mad. One of us will toss out an idea and the other will pick it up and run with it. We find ways to weave plot threads back into the main story, coming up with some fantastic twists.

GL: So when I can I join you for lunch??? ;-)

GL:  Does everything usually flow pretty smoothly or have you guys ever butted heads over something in the series?

SR:  Archer and I haven’t ever really fought over the stories. If there is any butting of heads, it’s with the characters, and I have to say they can be pretty hard headed.

GL:  You make great book covers.  Do you have any formal graphic design training? 

SR:  I taught myself how to use Photoshop, and I used it for over a decade, but now I am in school for a degree in Computer Graphic Design.

GL:  Very cool!

GL:  Favorite quote?

SR:  “That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger.” These are the words Donovan lives by as well.

GL:  Preferred gaming format and why? :-)

SR:  That is not an easy one to answer. I will game on Xbox. In chat rooms. Or even tabletop (yes, I ran my own D&D group at one time). Between all of these different ways to play, I always prefer RPGs first and foremost. I love being fully immersed in the story, feeling like I am actually in the game, not just playing a character. That is also why I write the way I do. I want the reader to feel like they are standing next to Donovan, physically hearing his voice, just as I feel like I am physically there as I write each scene.

GL:  Well, you do a GREAT job of that! 

GL:  What are you guys working on now?  What do we have to look forward to?

SR:  We are working on the edits for the third book in each of the three series. Defender of Magic: Champion of the Sidhe #3 is coming out in March. Eyes of Magic: Rise of the Unseelie #3 is coming out in April. Enchanted: Touched #3 is going to be out in May. We will be seeing the repercussions from the raid on Danu’s temple (which occurred in Addicted: Touched #2) spilling into both of the other two series.

In Eyes of Magic, we’ll be seeing more of the earthborn Unseelie as they continue to learn about their magic and heritage. We’ll get to know more about the mysterious Tiernan Kilgrave. Those who fell in love with Malcolm from Scars of Silver will be glad to see him back in a prominent role in this book. And Donovan will be leading the way to strengthen the Unseelie and discover secrets Lugh would much rather he didn’t know. 

GL:  I can't wait to get my hands... err... eyes on these!  Thanks so much for being here today!  You guys are ALWAYS welcome!!!

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