Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feature: Guest Post by Alyssa Reyans , author of Letters from a Bipolar Mother

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Today, Alyssa Reyans, the author of Letters from a Bipolar Mother, is taking over Gathering Leaves...  Alyssa has a great guest post for us, so everyone kick back and enjoy!  Stay tuned after the post for details about the book...

My schedule has been so packed, I haven't had a chance to read this one yet, but be on the lookout for my review VERY soon!

Welcome Alyssa!!!

I’d like to thank Cassie for allowing me to take over her blog today. I’m new to the whole blogsphere and guest posting so getting to take over another person’s blog makes me feel like I’m way cooler than I really am. At first, I wasn’t sure what to write about so I tried to think of all the advice I’d been given when I first decided to write my memoir. I thought of all the sites I read and debates on whether it’s one space or two after the period, but then I realized there is so much about writing a memoir, or being a writer in general, that you don’t read about on those sites. So I thought I’d share that with you instead. Things like:

1. How you have to figure out which table to sit at during lunch time.

I know you’re thinking I’ve lost my mind, but you remember the feeling. Walking into high school, seeing all the cool kids paired up, looking around hoping someone makes eye contact. Feeling awkward, thinking “will anyone like me?” Well that’s exactly how you’re going to feel the second you click publish on your book.  You’re instantly sucked back in time to a 16 year old with zits going “please god let me someone let me sit with them”.

2. You’ll change your clothes a million times, but you’ll still have nothing to wear.

You remember the big dance? The cute boy finally asked you out, and you run home to try on every single piece of clothing you have only to declare, “I have NOTHING to wear!” When you’re writing you go through that exact same thing, except instead of dresses, you try on every word in the dictionary. You’ll sit thumbing through your thesaurus, trying out different words and phrases. Trying to make sure you pick something that’s up to date and current, but not too over the top. Just the perfect outfit (word). Then after trying on everything you own, you finally find the perfect dress (word). Only to head out to the big dance (publisher) and realize…

3. Someone else’s looks better/costs more/is flashier

So after you pick out the perfect dress (words), you’re ready to go to the dance (publish). But when you get there, you look around at all of the other girls (writers) and realize they are way prettier than you. So you slink back in a corner and watch them twirl around the dance floor (climb the best seller’s list) while you sit on the bleachers with all the other wannabes.

I figure by the time I get finished publishing my series, Chronicles of a Fractured Life, I’ll have regressed back to being a toddler, but I promise if Cassie lets me come back I’ll use a bib and won’t drool on you too much. As a thank you to Cassie for letting me visit, I’ve made my book, Letters From A Bipolar Mother” free on Amazon.  So if you’d like a free copy, then head on over and download yours. It’ll be free to download from Feb. 8th-9th.

Thanks so much, Alyssa!  You are certainly welcome anytime :-).

Head over to Amazon now and get your FREE copy of Letters from a Bipolar Mother while it lasts!!!

In Letters from a Bipolar Mother, Reyans tells the story she's never been able to tell her children: of how she lost them in a battle with her own mental illness. she shares with them - and the world - what the mind of a woman suffering bipolar depression looks like, how the darkness she battled on a daily basis almost won, and how, years later, she found the courage to claw her way out of the abyss.

Covering a span of five years, Alyssa Reyans shares both her pain and strength in a struggle against an incurable illness that many women today also share.

You can find Alyssa on her website also.  Head over now and learn more about her and her work.