Friday, February 17, 2012

The World Among Us Blog Tour: Character Chat with Beth Ann Masarik plus GIVEAWAY!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!  Guess what we're doing this weekend???  MORE work on the house (wah, wah, wah...).  But, when it's all done, it'll be worth it!

Today I have a super special gal with us for her blog tour.  Beth Ann Masarik is pimping out her novel, The World Among Us, this month.  Beth Ann has previously hung out with us here at Gathering Leaves.  You can find my review and her interview HERE.  I'll also have a review for "Moon Spirit" very soon!

Beth Ann has a special treat for us today, so I'll shut up and give her the floor!  Enjoy!

Thank you for having me on the blog today, Cassie!  Today, I am here with one of the main gods, Gaia.  She and I will be chatting a little bit about why I haven’t written much lately and about me and cosplaying and role playing.
Now, on to the chat!

Helios had just finished his trail across the sky and was now set in the East.  Ironically, that was where my bedroom happens to be, and so the light from his sun shining in my window woke me up.  It was so bright that I didn’t even see the light that appeared before me.  Instead, Gaia appeared in my room, and as I was just coming to, I jumped at the sight of her.  She RARELY ever visits me and immediately, I became scared.

“Do not be afraid, my child,” she said in a voice that sounded like a heavenly melody.  “I’ve come to wish you safe travels.”

Well, that was nice, I thought.  As my vision became clearer, I found her sitting on my bed.  She was about my height, give or take an inch, with long, sunshine colored hair and beautiful hazel eyes.  Her skin was flawless, and she wore a gorgeous, floor length toga that was decorated with gold and silver.  She looked much better than I did.  My hair was messy from bedhead, and I had sleep in my eyes.  What was worse, I probably had bags under my eyes from lack of sleep.  Oh, and did I mention that I was also in my night shirt?  Yeah, attractive huh?  I immediately blushed from embarrassment.

“I hear that Helios is going to keep Maryland warm for you,” Gaia said as she looked at the sun.  “He was afraid that you would freeze in that Sailor Jupiter costume you are going to wear.”

I smiled and looked in the same direction.  “I’ll have to remember to thank him some day.  I was beginning to worry if I’d be warm enough. It is, after all, the middle of winter.”

“I know,” she said softly.  “Is your costume finished yet?  I’ve seen you’ve been staying up very late again with your friend Robin.”

“I think it is done, but I haven’t tried on the finished product yet.”

“Do you like how it came out?” she asked.

“I absolutely LOVE how it’s come out!  It was all completely hand sewn (no machine involved), which makes it extra special,” I beamed.  “Robin is the best.”

“I have to agree with you on that.  Are you excited to be cosplaying as a girl?”

“YES!” I exclaimed.  “I’ve been wanting to cosplay as Sailor Jupiter for years, and now I’ve finally got the chance to.  Plus, it’s my first costume where I DON’T have to wear a wig.  I HATE wigs.  They are so itchy,” I complained.
“I wouldn’t know, but I could imagine that they are,” Gaia said with a warm smile.

There were a few moments of awkward silence, when Gaia stood up.  “Well, I will let you get back to your chores.  It looks as if you still have quite a few before you go in an hour.  I am looking forward to seeing your pictures and videos after the convention.”

“Thank you, Gaia.  I promise that when this convention is over, I will try to get back to fiction writing and writing about you guys.”

“I know,” she said with another smile.  “Good-bye for now, Beth.  I will see you again soon.  Be safe.”  With that, Gaia teleported back to Mount Olympus.

Well, there you have it folks!  That was a short & sweet chat with Gaia.  She couldn’t stay long because I really do have chores to do before I go to Katsucon.  Is anyone going to be there?  It’s in Baltimore, MD and one of the best conventions I’ve ever been to.

Here is a picture of the almost complete costume.  It’s missing a couple of things, but you get the picture of what it looks like.  It was made by Robin Sussman J.

And now, folks, I am offering up a personalized mug, a keychain, and an ebook of The World Among Us.  All you have to do is follow the instructions in the rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveawaySo cool, Beth!  Thanks so much for this great post and your awesome giveaway!  Have a blast at Katsucon & take lots of pictures!! :-)