Monday, August 1, 2011

Blog Awards...

My dear friend Cambria at The Unlocked Diary nominated Gathering Leaves for some sweet blog awards!  I'm horrible at this...haha...  But, I'll at least try to answer the questions :-).

What to do:
1. Tag the person who nominated you.
2. Give 7 facts about yourself and answer the Favorites Questions
3. Pass these awards to 15 Bloggers.
4. Notify the bloggers of their awards

The awards:

Seven facts about moi:
1. In college, I changed my minor five times: sociology, philosophy, premed, history, religion... :-) I never changed my major!

2. I taught myself to play piano as a child, aside from several months of lessons AFTER I already knew the basics.  I love to play for myself.  I hate for other people to listen...

3. I have never traveled farther north than Washington, Illinois or farther west than Kansas City.  

4. While I don't really care for spiders and snakes, I have a rather irrational fear of crickets!  I don't mind grasshoppers so much, but crickets make my heart skip a beat!

5. I talk to myself a lot.  It helps me keep things organized in my mind and work out problems or prepare for things to come...

6. I can "give the finger" with my middle toes (curl the other toes down and keep those two up).  It is my one amazing talent! :-)

7.  I gave birth to my youngest child at home, and it was the BEST experience of my entire life!!!

Favorites Questions:

1. Name your favorite colors.
    Grass green, red, purple, brown

2. Name your favorite song.
    This is as impossible as favorite book!  Today I'll go with "Blackbird" by Alter Bridge

3. Name your favorite dessert.
    Also an impossible question!  I have a hankering for fresh peach cobbler right now!  I love ice cream, especially homemade Yoohoo.  I make a delicious banana pudding :-)...  Cookie dough...  

4. What pisses you off.
     I'm beginning to think these are all impossible!  LOL  Overly judgmental people--the ones that forget that plank in their own eye...  People that treat my son like there is something "wrong" with him or me like I am a bad mother because of his unique needs.  Smoking in public.  

5. When you are upset you.
    Depends on what has upset me.  I may talk to my husband or mom or a friend.  99.999% of the time, I will cry about it :-).  Do some major cleaning or organizational project...  Put my headphones in and listen to music.

6. Favorite Pet.
    I have a Yorkie, cat, and sugar glider.  Of the three, I love Hermione (glider) because she is fairly clean, doesn't stink, doesn't make a bunch of noise, and is SO easy to take care of!  She is also stinking cute and fun to watch.  I love Cocoa (Yorkie) because he is my lap baby.  He loves lying down with me and just hanging out.  He also doesn't shed!  Sookie (cat) is the most fun to play with (as in scare the crap out of and watch her jump and scat!).   

If I could have any animal as a pet, I would love to have a river otter! :-)

7. Black or White?
    Both.  Black...

8. Biggest Fear?
    Something happening to my children!

9. Best Feature?
    My unequivocal genius! :-P  I think I have nice eyes, but wish my lashes were fuller/longer. Everyone loves my thick, extremely curly hair--sometimes I love it, sometimes not so much...  

10. Everyday attitude:
     Well, I often fail miserably, but I try to always just take things as they come.  I want to see the positive of everything and not let disappointments keep me down for long!  I don't want to waste all my time worrying about the bad that MIGHT come.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have time to enjoy the little blessings that are all around me!

11. What is Perfection:
      A sleeping baby, a crisp fall morning, a song that weaves itself into your very soul, being so happy your heart smiles...

12. Guilty Pleasures:
      Sleeping in as often as I can!  True Blood...  White Chocolate Mochas and Strawberry milkshakes...  A good video game (okay, I rarely have time for this...)...  

Okay, once again I believe I will forego the nominations.  It isn't that I don't know of SO many wonderful blogs, but it really just takes so much darn time to pass all this info on and make sure that those bloggers don't mind participating...etc...  So, anyone who reads this, please consider yourself tagged and feel free to share on your blog!!! :-)  

Thanks again, Cambria!!  

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! :-)