Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Shadowing: Hunted

The Shadowing:  Hunted
By: Adam Slater
ISBN:  9781606842614
Expected Publication: September 13, 2011 by EdgemontUSA
Available Format:  Hardback, paperback, ebook

My Rating: ★★★★★

Callum Scott is a teenage boy with some extraordinary abilities.  Not only can he see ghosts, everywhere, but he also has some precognitive talents.  When Callum starts to realize even the ghosts are frightened, he knows something strange is happening.  Something dark and perilous is hunting him, and even more danger lies just around the corner.  There is more to Callum than he thought, and the fate of the entire world may soon rest upon his shoulders.

I received a copy of Hunted through netGally for review.

I really loved this book.  I loved the characters.  I loved the plot.  I loved it!  My only complaint is there wasn’t more…

This is a fantastic YA horror/paranormal read.  It is scary, but not too scary.  It is gruesome, but not too gruesome.  There’s a fantastic balance between the human relationships and the cold creepiness of the ghosts and the hunter.  The story itself is a great twist on ghosts and demons.  Slater has a nice, easy writing style, and the story is paced wonderfully.  It’s also a very quick read, which is always nice! 

Callum seems like just your ordinary teenager, and he handles his abilities so well, without seeming too nonchalant about them.  Gran is a fantastic supporting character.  She is so completely normal, but still has that little edge to her so you know there is something else going on.  This is where I could have used a little more—I want to know ALL about Gran and Callum’s family and how they got to this point!  I am really hoping the next book in the series, Skinned, delves a little deeper.

This is a good YA that will appeal to male audiences as well.  There is enough horror and gore involved, and there really isn’t any romance, certainly no swooning, silly girls.  The hunter is downright gross and evil, and it is great!  The horror genre is really growing on me again, so I was fascinated with how this character played out.  Even Jacob and Doom gave me the creeps, but I love how their part in the story developed. 

Hunted will make your skin crawl, and you might even have a few nightmares, but you will love every second of it!