Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dragon's Oath (House of Night novella #1)

Dragon’s Oath (House of Night novella #1)
By: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast
ISBN: 9781250000231
Published July 12, 2011 by St. Martin’s Press
Available Format: Hardcover, Paperback, ebook, audiobook

My Rating: ★★★★★

Long before he was Dragon, professor at the Tulsa House of Night, he was Bryan, a typical, unruly young man full of spirit and mischief. After his father banishes him to America, Bryan is marked as a vampyre on the docks and given a choice to remain in London or build a new life across the ocean. Choosing the new life, Dragon quickly becomes Sword Master and favored by all in his new home. When young Anastasia becomes Professor of Spells and Rituals at the Tower Grove House of Night, Dragon is faced with a new challenge: love. Dragon must ward off a dark power while protecting his beloved Anastasia. Will he rise to the challenge or will they both be destroyed?

I’m definitely a House of Night fan, although some of the later books were a bit on the bland side. I was thrilled to get this extra glimpse into Dragon Lankford’s life. This novella starts as Dragon is mourning his bride’s untimely death at the hands of the dark power that has been unleashed in Tulsa. He recalls his memories of his early life—being disowned by his father, marked, coming to America, and meeting Anastasia. Through this part of his story, we learn the full impact of his oath to the beautiful professor and what it means when he breaks that oath to avenge her death. How will the darkness lead him from there?

It is great to be able to go back and see Dragon as a human and a younger more stubborn fledgling. He is very much like the main characters we meet throughout the House of Night series, and like those characters, he learns many important life lessons very early and very quickly. Anastasia is a pivotal part of his life, bringing him a new understanding and leading him down a new path to help him become the wise and respected professor he is later in life.

P.C. Cast has such a beautiful, imaginative talent with storytelling. I am always drawn completely into her stories and sad when it is over. Kristin is able to add that extra element of youth to the House of Night series, and it is once again obvious in this telling of Dragon’s early life.

Dragon’s Oath is a great way to get a quick House of Night fix for those who are anxiously awaiting the next installment of the series. If you have never read any of these books, this is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the story and style. Try it out! You just might love it as much as I do…