Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feature: A Little Push by Jennifer Steen

This week's feature guest is Jennifer Steen, author of "A Little Push" and "Rain Plays Barefoot."  Jenny is a fantastic short story writer!  Today I am sharing my reviews of her two published stories, and tomorrow (September 16) I will have another one of my fun interviews with Jenny...   

“A Little Push”
By:  Jennifer Steen
Published August 16, 2011 by Twenty or Less Press
Available Format: ebook

My Rating:  ★★★★☆

“A Little Push” is a true-to-life short story about a mother of three who is facing the loss of a parent.  Readers are carried through a day with Jess as she endures what I can only describe as completely normal life. 

Steen has an easy, down-to-earth writing style which I enjoyed.  I think being a mother myself and experiencing many of the same things (perhaps slightly differently) really bonded me with this character in a way others may not.  I know all too well the frustrations and disappointments that can drag you down so quickly and easily, yet the beauty lies in being able to find that glimmer of hope, happiness, peace—whatever you can get your hands on to carry you through.  Being a mother is hard.  Supporting a family is draining.  Losing a parent is devastating.  But, having those trusting eyes looking up to you, that family giving you a greater purpose, the memories shared with that parent—these are the things that make every single moment worthwhile. 

Some have never been in a situation like this.  They hear about recession and poverty levels and the difficulties of a stay-at-home-mother, but it’s always someone else—just another statistic.  Like Jess says, her husband was just another number in the system.  This story brings out a small portion of that life, which I can assure you is all too common, and gives those outsiders a chance at a better understanding. 

Take a glimpse into Jess’ world; grab yourself a copy of “A Little Push” today!